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About Us


Who We Are

Optisch Kreativ is committed to making organisations more productive by providing IT support and Marketing solutions.

Marketing and Information technology are becoming more important for businesses of all sizes as a means of staying ahead of the competition and achieving success. These organisations' businesses are becoming more dependent on technology, and our mission is to support them. Through leadership and operational support for our clients' business and network systems, we enable them to make use of the digital age's capabilities.

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Our Solutions

We provide IT & Marketing solutions

We take pride in our work and all of our solutions are strategically packaged to help grow small to large enterprises be more productive and close more sales.

Our Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

IT infrastructure consists of the components necessary to run and administer corporate IT environments. An organisation’s IT infrastructure may be placed inside a cloud computing system or within its own premises.

Design Solutions

Designing a brand’s visual identity by establishing a coherent system of design components such as logos, colors, typography, artwork, and photography is the process of brand design.

Software Solutions

Software is a collection of instructions, data, or programs used to run and perform specified activities on a computer. It is the antithesis of hardware, which describes a computer’s actual components.

Marketing And Communications

Marketing and communications is the activity of communicating with a target market using a variety of channels and instruments for the purposes of brand recognition, sales, advertising, and/or promotions.


Our Procurement professionals provide long-term assistance to guarantee that your procedures stay successful and that your Procurement unit retains a place at the table.

Our Blog

Latest News & Insights

This is a place where we discuss new technologies and digital marketing strategies to help you be more productive and boost your business.

31 October

YouTube & SEO Keywords: How YouTube is a search engine

Introduction: YouTube, being one of the most popular video platforms in the world, has more than 3 billion searches every month. YouTube is not only a free video and social networking platform for everyone, but it is also one of the most popular search engines on the internet. This means that if you utilize the […]

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9 September

What’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Why is it Important?

If you are a business with a website, you can’t afford to not know about search engine optimization. SEO is imperative if you want to be visible on search engines like Google. Sure, you can invest in advertisements, but that shouldn’t be your long-term strategy. If you want to attract customers on auto-pilot, SEO is your best […]

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8 September

What’s Digital Marketing? Why is it Important?

There was a time when internet marketing was only used to supplement traditional marketing strategies. Now, a business needs a digital marketing strategy to thrive. Digital marketing is simply applying classic marketing principles in the online world. But, because everything is evolving quickly, marketers need to keep up with the trends. In this article, we talk about […]

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